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JUNE 9th, 2009

Restless Days Available Everywhere!

The wait is finally over!  Many of you who ordered the CD during the band’s pre-sale have it already and the reports back are that you love it!  For those of you who waited to get Restless Days, now’s your chance. 

You can purchase it on iTunes ,’s MP3 store and at all other digital and physical retailers around the country – and at suburban Primanti’s restaurants!

There have been some great reviews on the album already and more coming so check your local newspaper, or Google “The Clarks” and see what you find.  In particular, look for the band in the “weather section” (that’s right!) of tomorrow’s USA Today to see the song “Sunshine” featured in the Wednesday Weather Song column along side Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine”.


* CD Release Show This Sat – Weather Forecast is GREAT!

The weather forecast calls for sunny and 76 degrees this Saturday, June 13th for The Clarks big CD release show at the new Amphitheatre at Station Square.  You can’t get any better then that!  Make sure to get your tickets HERE today.  This is not a show you want to miss.



New Website Launched - June 9, 2009

Thanks to The Clarks wonderful website design team of Al Camardella and Franco Sicilia, the NEW has launched and looks great.


* Complete List of Tour Dates & Promotional Appearances

June 12 - Generations Pub - Wheeling, WV - Also performing: Donora - For tix call (304) 232-7917 
June 13 - Ampitheatre at Station Square - Pittsburgh, PA - Also performing: Ari Hest
July 7 & 8 - Kelly's - Nag's Head, NC
July 9 - Jewish Mother - Virginia Beach, VA

JUNE 8, 2009

Erie Times-News The Clarks, "Restless Days" review.

Pittsburgh's ever-dependable Clarks release "Restless Days" on Tuesday. It's their first studio set in five years.

Worth the wait? Absolutely and then some. Maybe it's maturity. Maybe it's the chemistry and comfort level that come from staying together 20 years. Maybe it's lack of pressure from living in Pittsburgh and not recording for a major label.

Whatever, they sound remarkably assured, confident and poised. "Days" effortlessly flows from start to finish, nary a speed bump along the way.

"Restless" finds the Clarks in a somewhat more low-key mode, producing mid-tempo, country-inflected and Americana-leaning songs like the superb "Midnight Rose."

Focusing more on texture, they've crafted an immensely ear-pleasing work with chiming guitar chords, hooks that sink in fast, and sublime beauty. Acoustic guitars reverberate as much as electric ones.

"Restless Days" is so consistent and well-crafted, it's hard to single out any particular track as the slam-dunk winner. But "The Runaway" lifts off like a Train/Old 97s hybrid; it's glorious.

The eloquent, singalong title cut is made for arm-waving and Bic-flailing.
Love the rootsy/folksy/acoustic vibe of "Come 'Round Here" and especially its jammy outro.

Miracle is, all those come on the CD's second half, while "Restless" barrels out of the gate with the fine rockers "True Believer" and "Inside." The springy, inspired gem "Trampoline" would fit comfortably on a mid-'60s Beatles' album or latter-day Fountains of Wayne.

Like wine, Clarks only get better with age. Here's hoping they visit Erie again soon.

   -- Dr. Rock,
    Erie Times-News


JUNE 7TH, 2009

Get 'Restless'
By Scott Tady, Times Entertainment Editor 
- Published: Sunday, June 7, 2009 7:12 AM EDT


On Tuesday, hometown rockers the Clarks release their eight studio album, “Restless Days.” Singer Scott Blasey and bassist Greg Joseph split the songwriting, and in an exclusive interview with the Times share the inspiration behind each track.


“This story evolved many, many years ago by a friend of mine. He was dating a girl who was coincidentally dating her longtime boyfriend off and on. She couldn’t make up her mind. He made it up for her.” — Joseph.


“This is a song about an abused girlfriend who kills her lover. The narrator is an old acquaintance to whom she goes for advice.” — Blasey.

True Believer

“Is about an unknown actress who lives by herself and paints self-portraits seldom seen, which is another way of saying few people really know her. The singer of the song falls for her but doesn’t know if she’s being truthful in proclaiming her love or just acting. The lyric, ‘She knew how to play the true believer,’ can be interpreted in two ways; either she’s the true believer and knows how to play the role, or he’s the true believer and she just played him. Regardless, she dies young, broken and alone.” — Blasey.

Midnight Rose

“This started as a song for my daughter Ava Rose. The verse lyrics were dark so I turned it into a song about a train. It involves a man who has blood on his hands and thinks he can escape his problems, and jail, by catching a ride out of town on the Midnight Rose. — Blasey.

Soul and Skin

“Just another breakup tune. The band nailed this one from the first time we worked on it at practice. Truth is I’ve never even owned a cat. Or had an oak floor.” — Joseph.


“Sunshine is about an old man who long ago abandoned a woman who loved him and a job that supported him for his own selfish desires. Now he’s at the end of his life and has nothing but photographs and regret.” — Blasey.

Come ‘Round Here

“True stories of days gone by. There are tragic figures in all of our lives and I wanted to tie them together somehow. It’s like an old man sitting on a front porch talking about who doesn’t come around here anymore. The last verse refers to John. Who is John?” — Joseph.

Restless Days

“This is a song about a man who has spent most of his life in jail and he’s pleading for it to the judge and jury. He sees how unfair justice can be and takes his only solace in the arms of his girl.” — Blasey.

The Clowns

“We’ve never been much of a politically motivated band but at some point I got really frustrated by all the politics over the past couple years. It has deteriorated into self serving from serving the people. Or am I naive?” — Joseph.


“The story of a restless, hard-living woman. For some reason this song reminds me of our travels through the West — the truck stops, gift shops and little bars and restaurants along the way.” — Joseph.

In Between

“The only autobiographical moment for me on the CD. It’s a song about being down, way down, and having someone to help see you through to the other side. It’s all good now.” — Joseph.

What a Wonderful World

We were contacted by the Pittsburgh Penguins to do our own version of the Ramones version of the Louie Armstrong version of this song. The Penguins used it for commercials and promo purposes in the 2008-09 season. We were so happy with the result that we decided to include it on the new CD. It was an honor to be able to cover such an important song in American music history. — Joseph.


Album goes on sale Tuesday.
   At 7 p.m. Tuesday, the band will perform a short acoustic set and sign autographs at the FYE Store at the Mall at Robinson.

   The album release party is 7 p.m. Saturday at the Amphitheatre at Station Square.
   Opening act is Ari Hest. Tickets are $25.

JUNE  2ND, 2009

* Restless Days  - Order Today!
Now is your last chance to pre-order Restless Days to ensure your cd arrives on or before the street date on June 9th. If you place your order by 11:59 pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday) then we'll be able to ensure that your cd will arrive before June 9th. So, place those orders now!

And when you order the cd you will receive a link with 2 tracks from the new album "Midnight Rose" & "Inside" by email a few days after the purchase.
You will also be automatically entered into The Clarks pre-sale contest - to see contest details click here.

As a reminder, Restless Days will be sold at all suburban Primanti's locations. Please call ahead of time to guarantee they have Restless Days in stock.

* Summer Southern Dates Announced & On Sale Now

The Clarks are thrilled to announce they'll be returning to the south this summer hitting Nag's Head for two nights and Virginia Beach. 
These dates are listed below and are on sale now!  Get your tickets and make your plans.
July 7 & 8

1089 Bypass Rd.
Nags Head  NC 27959
(252) 441-4116 / 21+
For tickets click here

July 9
The Jewish Mother

3108 Pacific Ave
Virginia Beach , VA 23451 /
(757) 422-5430 / All Ages
For tickets click here.


Release Week In Store Performances

In support of the new Clarks album coming out, we hope that you will be able to make it out to one of the instore performances
that are scheduled in June. The band will play a short acoustic set followed by an autograph signing session at all locations.

June 9th
FYE at The Mall at Robinson
100 Robinson Center Drive. Pittsburgh, PA 15205
(412) 787-3084 | 7PM

June 10th
Primanti Brothers -Harmarville Location
6 Anchor Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15238
412-826-9680 | 7PM

June 12th
Best Buy
150 Satterfield Dr. Tridelphia, WV 26059
304-243-9979 | 6:30PM

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